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If you have followed an old link to our page you may find that the content is no longer on this website. We have reconfigured how our websites are utilised and they are set up as such:

  • PGME.info – contains information regarding medical education, our doctors training, undergraduate, GPs, courses and simulation.

Guide for Prospective GP Entrants.

I have rather obsessively written an annual guide for prospective GP entrants which has been freely available and downloaded by over 2000 applicants each year. The feedback I have received has always been very positive and encouraging. This guide is meant to complement the excellent information available from the NRO for GP training.

The guide can be downloaded from http://www.gprecruitment.info

Dr Sarah Cooper

Career Planning for Foundation Trainee Doctors in London and SE

Dear Trainee

The London and South East Careers Unit are delighted to announce the launch of our new Career Planning  module for Foundation Trainee Doctors designed especially for you to help you with the decisions and applications you will be making over the next few months about your future careers.

By following the link –