If you are considering applying for LTFT training which could be for a number of reasons (e.g. health or caring responsibilities) please discuss with the GP Programme Directors and then you should apply to the Deanery LTFT department – www.kssdeanery.org/ltft-training – where there is a full application guide.

There is a LTFT training application timeline which goes through the various stages including, application, eligibility, funding and educational approval and then confirmation.  Some of this is at the Deanery level and some at the local level. The local arrangements would either be slot sharing or reduced sessions in a full time post and it may take a few months to organise this.  We would not be able to guarantee that your rotation would remain the same, and throughout your scheme you may go between slot shares and reduced sessions.  You will still be expected to be part of the hospital on-call rota or to do GP Out of Hours (pro-rata).

There is lots of information on the Deanery website including specific contact details or please do not hesitate to ask us if your questions are not answered.  Every case is individual.

1. Making an Application – Trainees wishing to apply for LTFT Training should refer to the Deanery website for guidance and to download an Application Form:

2. Who to Contact – Trainees who are not sure who to contact regarding their LTFT Training query, should refer to the Deanery website for initial guidance on who might be best placed to assist: