The aims and objectives of the medical curriculum are to:

  • ensure the highest standards of medical practice in the UK
  • provide a programme of training from foundation years through to the completion of specialist training, culminating in the award of a CCT

The curriculum is patient-centred, trainee-focused and outcome-based, and is designed to provide quality assured physician training in the UK.

Chichester Medical Training

Examples of educational meetings are held as follows:

  • Medical Staff Meetings – Autumn, Spring, Summer Terms every Wednesday with a hot lunch available from 12.30pm in CMEC.
  • Each week there is a presentation from Consultants and Junior Staff covering the medical specialties and occasional invited external speakers.

Approaching Postgraduate examinations Consultant Staff can be approached to provide additional clinical teaching.

The Cardiology Department holds a weekly teaching meeting on Friday lunchtimes at CMEC.

The Respiratory Department holds a meeting on every other Thursday.

Care of the Elderly Department holds a meeting every Thursday lunch time in the day room of the Munro Unit.

Chichester Faculty Lead

Dr Deborah Bosman
College Tutor

Worthing Medical Training

Teaching/Learning Opportunities for Core Medical Trainees

Times and locations may vary and should be confirmed in advance if you wish to attend.

Please click on the links below for Dates, Times, Venues

Learning opportunities 2017

Clinic Opportunities

Worthing Faculty Lead

Dr Sam Thomson
College Tutor

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) works closely with the healthcare system at various levels, including:

  • clinicians at all career stages
  • hospitals and other NHS providers
  • national bodies in the NHS
  • national leaders with formal channels for contributing to many areas of work.

In addition, we set physicians’ exams and regularly respond to public consultations on key issues that will affect our members and fellows.

New to e-learning and wondering if this is the appropriate teaching tool for you?

Beyond the comprehensive learning included, RCP e-learning offers a range of benefits and features:

  • access at any time – fit learning around your schedule
  • take learning out of the classroom – access via multiple mobile devices
  • gain CPD credits – external and personal
  • reduce your carbon footprint – an alternative to paper-based course material
  • it is going global – access the same content regardless of location and nationality.