Our Medical Education team is here to help you with any educational requirements you may have during your time here with us as a doctor in training.

Please use the contact details on this page if you have any queries, issues or comments regarding your education at WSHFT.

Likewise if you are interested in joining Western Sussex Hospitals as a doctor in training and would like to find out a bit more, please contact us.

Terms and Conditions of Service NHS Doctors and Dentists in Training England July 2016



Strategic Medical Education Manager
Bebba Smithers
Email: bebba.smithers@wsht.nhs.uk
Mobile: 078 4646 9021
Chichester: 01243 788122 x32726
Worthing: 01903 285126

Medical Education Manager
Sam Vaughan
Email: sam.vaughan@wsht.nhs.uk
Mobile: 07786 028932
Chichester: 01243 788122 x32775
Worthing: 01903 286785

Academic Registrar
Lisa Neville
Email: lisa.neville@wsht.nhs.uk
Chichester: 01243 788122 x31579
Worthing: 01903 205111 x84961

GP Specialty Training Manager
Chrissy Aluko
Email: chrissy.aluko@wsht.nhs.uk
Worthing: 01903 286776
Chichester: 01243 788122 x32029

Foundation Manager
James Summers
Email: james.summers@wsht.nhs.uk
Worthing: 01903 205111 x85361
Chichester: 01243 788122 x32033

Faculty Administrator (Chichester)
Gill Morgan
Email: gill.morgan@wsht.nhs.uk
Chichester: 01243 788122 x31508

Faculty Administrator (Worthing)
Carol Sayers
Email: carol.sayers@wsht.nhs.uk
Worthing: 01903 286746

Integrated Simulation Manager
Julie Turner
Email: julie.turner@wsht.nhs.uk
Chichester: 01243 788122 x32742
Worthing: 01903 205111 x85370
Cross-site Bleep: 6147

Clinical Skills Manager (Worthing)
Andy Lindsay
Email: andrew.lindsay@wsht.nhs.uk
Worthing: 01903 205111 x84223