The purpose of tutorials – what are we trying to do?

Identifying learning needs


Informing self directed learning

Help in applying theory and skills in practice

Teaching the practicalities of being a GP (e.g. computing, what drugs/equipment to carry, admin / organisational issues)?

One to one tutorials are not generally intended to be the primary means by which GPRs acquire factual knowledge.  This should generally be done by independent study, building on the GPRs knowledge and skills, using resources such as books, journals, guidelines, databases, courses, experience and the experience of others which may be identified by the GPR independently or with the help of the Trainer.  This is because what a GP ‘needs to know’ is so large and constantly changing, it is more important to learn ‘how to find out’ and ‘how to approach problems’  than what the GPR ‘needs to know’ or ‘what to do’ in one specific case.

The duty of the Trainer is to ensure the process is right and promotes self directed learning skills (i.e. self assessment, reflection, independent acquisition of factual knowledge, problem solving skills, ability to apply knowledge in the real world), rather than ensuring specific topics are covered.