Encircle – AARCH

ENCIRCLE – Education for Commissioning, Innovation and Redesign: Coastal Learning Events.

A protected learning scheme for all Primary Care staff will allow for the practice teams to be fully informed of the commissioning agenda, including updates in clinical guidelines, referral pathways and redesigned services. ENCIRCLE will be available to practices up to eight times a year.  Four times a year ENCIRCLE will take place in a central location to allow healthcare professionals to share good practice and learn about developments within the commissioning agenda and to learn about new treatments and methods of clinical practice. These sessions can also be used to support nurses with updates.
Four times a year ENCIRCLE will be practice based to allow for a cascading effect of key information to be passed on to all members of the practice team and implementation agreed at practice level. Practices will be required to report that the cascading has taken place and this report will be fed into the practice performance visits. The practice will be expected to use at least the first hour of the in-house ENCIRCLE Session dedicated to the commissioning agenda and the rest of the time can be used for other educational activities.

For further information on the Central Based Encircle sessions please contact:

Chris Goodwin,
Organisational Development Officer,
Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group.
E-mail:  chrisgoodwin@nhs.net

Visit: – https://coastalwestsussexccg.nhs.uk/encircle

For information on the Practice Based sessions please contact: