Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is proud to host medical students from the following schools

St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester takes Year 5 medical students from King’s College London, Brighton & Sussex Medical School, Southampton University and St George’s University of London plus Stage 3, Year 4 medical students from King’s College, London.

Worthing Hospital takes Stage 3, Year 4 medical students from King’s College, London and Year 5 medical students from Brighton & Sussex Medical School.

Both sites take medical students from the American University of the Caribbean (AUC).

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us:

Undergraduate Manager
Vanisha Marooday
Email: vanisha.marooday@wsht.nhs.uk
Chichester: 01243 788122 x32822
Worthing: 01903 205111 x84961

Undergraduate Administrator (Worthing)
Debbie Kitchener
Email: debbie.kitchener@wsht.nhs.uk
Worthing: 01903 285292

Undergraduate Administrator (Chichester)
Nissrine Azibou
Email: nissrine.azibou@wsht.nhs.uk
Chichester: 01243 788122 x32795

Induction Handbooks

Please see the link below for your relevant Induction Handbook:

We asked outgoing students what information they would pass onto new students, here are some of their comments

Show interest, everyone is very friendly and approachable – don’t be afraid to ask anything.

A great placement, make the most of it and enjoy yourself.  Don’t be afraid to design your own schedule to meet all your aims and objectives of the placement – there are so many things going on and so many opportunities to get involved in different things so optimise your schedule and learn a lot!!  Introduce yourself and be proactive.

The more you put in the more you’ll get out.  Be nice to the midwives and junior doctors and they will help you see babies being born.

Don’t waste any time and make the most of the opportunities.  If you need any sign-offs just go to the wards and ask the Drs to show you how to do something and then watch and sign you off.  THEY ARE VERY NICE AND EAGER TO HELP AND TEACH!

Do a night on-call at Delivery Suite as you are more likely to see something.

Attend lots of ward rounds and the handover sessions each morning and spend time in CYPDU – there is always plenty to do there and the doctors and nurses are willing to supervise.  It is good for improving your practical and history taking skills

Use all of the opportunities you can get to practice your skills i.e. surgery clinics.  Everyone is very approachable.  Spend as much time as you can in the hospital it will definitely be worth it – we learnt and saw loads by just sticking around till late.

Clinical Skills room and Simulation Suite are excellent resources.

Make sure you spend time on the ward to involve yourself, help with the ‘boring jobs’ as then when something more exciting comes along you’ll probably be asked if you want to do it.

Attend a microbiology ward round – lots to learn!

Standard of Phase 5 tutorials is very good – go for all of them if possible.

Surgery – Do on calls; Post-take ward rounds better than ward-based ward rounds on Surgery

Find out the times of the departmental meetings early in the rotation: there are lots to be learnt, and it’s a great time to introduce yourself to consultants so they recognise you when you turn up to their theatre list or clinic.

Enjoy the Emergency Floor – make the most of the amazing opportunities and close senior support.  Make use of clerking and definitely go in for the evening take when you aren’t on your EF week.  A night on EF is also a really good experience.

Get stuck in.  Attend ward rounds and you will reap rewards of opportunities within the firm.

Elderly rotation – Becket Ward with Dr Richardson was outstanding – really useful, made me feel like part of the team, gave structured teaching, clerking patients, researching skills practice, acute signs and plenty of examination practice.

Splashpoint gym/pool is good – join via payasugym.com – it’s cheaper – you can use a voucher for one month.

The Chipwick Fish & Chips are amazing and the Victoria sponge on Worthing Pier!